It all becomes so easy, when you let it wash over you, the sea within you, without, the currents, the great waves of time; the wave of history. His story. The energy - that great field - which connects us to our universe and all that's in it; the life force emanating through our veins and through our streets and through our wires and our air. Electricity; that's all it is, right? Electric matter, each of us with our assigned atoms and our assigned plot of soul. The whole of existence, of which we are the tiniest speck, the whole of time, of which we have been assigned a fleeting moment.

Life is but an instant.


I was born in a small town in south Wales, to a single-mother, and grew up with little but ambition and insecurity. I wove myself into the political class, any way I could, grabbing at scraps and making mountains out of molehills. It was fun. I got carried away with ego and the pursuit of power which I knew I could get if I continued on a certain trajectory; failing to heal my own internal wounds, wounds which would ultimately lead to my premature demise.

Daddy would be proud...

That's all over now. This identity has to die in order for me to metamorphose, and die is what I'll do. Luke Bozier is no more - you won't be hearing of or from me again.

I check my old email account from time-to-time, and that's pretty much the only place you'll be able to contact me: