Luke Bozier.

Love me; hate me.

Happy plan? Lol.

Short of packing up and leaving the UK altogether, I find the prospect of imminent happiness an unlikely one. Of course there are many things in my life that do make me happy, but I am depressed, and have been dealing with depressing in a number of forms for probably a decade now. The last [...]

Pay for music you love.

So I accidentally stole an album from Angel Haze, and felt really guilty for a week. How? I have this policy of always paying for music I love. If an artist has gone to the – often painful – lengths of devising, writing and producing an album, and you like that artist, you shouldn’t steal [...]


“Since the Great Break of 2030, Westminster no longer retained the purpose it previously took for granted. No longer the seat of the British Parliament, the Houses of Parliament buildings had been turned into an elaborate museum experience, one of the world’s foremost tourist attractions. Chinese, Brazilians, Americans, Germans, Nigerians, all came in their droves, [...]

Contemporary teenage identity in middle England.

I was born in 1985, smack bang in the middle of Margaret Thatcher’s reign over Britain. My first political memory was that of Maggie walking down Downing Street and being replace by John Major. I was 12 years old when Tony Blair was elected, and 16 when September 11 happened. By the time I was [...]

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