Survey reveals lack of public understanding of cloud computing

The results of a survey conducted by Wakefield Research have found that in spite of the growing public profile of cloud computing, many people are still confused about how the technology operates and what it can accomplish, according to The Inquirer.

Just over a thousand respondents were questioned in the study, with almost a third claiming to believe that the cloud is somehow related to meteorology. Meanwhile, 51 per cent said that they were convinced the current weather conditions can have an impact on how cloud services operate, with storms causing disruption.

Further to the confusion over the terms used to describe this technology, the report also found that many people who use the cloud do so without being aware of it.

More than half said that using the cloud was not something they do as part of their work or personal life, although on further examination, it was revealed that 95 per cent of this group were in fact customers of some kind of cloud service.

Even with people still having trouble with defining the cloud or even working out when they are using it, respondents did show that they are well aware of the potential that this type of technology has to change the way businesses operate.

Fifty six per cent said that over the coming years the cloud will reshape the workplace, while over two thirds said that the economic benefits of the cloud were significant. So in spite of certain misconceptions about the cloud existing at the moment, most people are buying into the idea that it is making a mark on businesses and society as a whole.

As with any new technology, many people admitted to claiming that they understood it, without actually having a decent grasp of the systems involved.

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