DRaaS is recognised as new cloud trend

The cloud market is littered with acronyms used to describe key solutions available to businesses in a succinct way. Although, with more IT services migrating to the cloud all the time, it can still be a confusing area to navigate for newcomers.

SaaS (software as a service) represents the biggest chunk of cloud spending at the moment, with IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) also playing an important part in generating revenues for vendors.

The latest cloud solution to be recognised by analyst firm, Gartner, as an emerging global trend within this market is DRaaS, or disaster recovery as a service. And as the name suggests, this is made up of platforms which are intended to act as a failsafe in the event of on-site or cloud-based IT services being taken out of action for whatever reason.

Interestingly, analysts see DRaaS as distinct from the use of IaaS to facilitate recovery, while also separating it from BaaS (backup as a service) as a means of preserving data. In addition, the research found that companies with 100 employees or fewer are more likely to have embraced DRaaS when compared with their larger counterparts. Perhaps this is as a result of smaller companies being in a better position to adopt, since their IT infrastructures will be less complex and thus easier to recover.

Gartner identifies a group of 14 key vendors in the DRaaS market, as well as pointing out that there are some issues impacting growth in this market. These include the cost and time span involved in opening adequate data centre facilities to make true cloud continuity a viable option for larger providers and their clients.

Keeping on top of emerging cloud trends is important, particularly as, in this instance, the market segment in question is aimed at helping businesses survive disasters that might otherwise put them out of action permanently.

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