Key cloud facts unpacked

A new infographic from Mashable has assessed the state of the cloud market as it exists in 2015, while also considering the future trajectory of the industry as it grows internationally.

One of the key findings reported is that half of all IT services could be based in the cloud within the next five years, with almost two thirds of businesses already having migrated at least one solution to the cloud.

Another important analytical point to consider is that the hybrid approach to the cloud is increasingly common and, in fact, preferred by many businesses as opposed to adopting either public or private platforms on a mutually exclusive basis.

Hybrid cloud computing involves combining internal resources with third party products which are hosted remotely in order to get the best of both worlds when it comes to security, privacy, functionality and cost effectiveness.

The report points out that the public cloud remains the most appealing platform for organisations which are facing the prospect of having to deal with ever mounting piles of data and would be well served by the scalability and on demand approach to payment available via this type of IT service.

Meanwhile the private cloud is preferred for those operating in industries where privacy is a major concern and the need to keep sensitive information at domestic data centres rather than outsourcing it for overseas storage will be a necessity.

As a result of this dichotomy, it is no surprise that hybrid cloud strategies are being rolled out by many organisations, not only to combine the aforementioned benefits but also to make sure that workloads can be better balanced.

With ongoing cloud growth anticipated in 2015 and revenues set to rise by a fifth, the market is still shifting as businesses alter their priorities.

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