New Cloud Data Centres Confirmed for Australia

Australian businesses will be able to take advantage of two new data centres for a variety of cloud-based services after Microsoft recently announced the development of these facilities earlier this month.
One of them is being built in New South Wales while the other is based in Victoria, with the separate nature of the two facilities being touted as a major advantage. Domestic cloud customers will be able to store data across both sites so that if one is compromised, there will still be a full backup available at a remote location. This means that natural disasters will be less likely to render both centres inoperable and should allow Australian companies to access improved business continuity tools.

This is the type of cloud setup available in most countries and disaster recovery is just one of the benefits that cloud customers can enjoy if they migrate from a reliance on in-house systems. For many businesses the act of storing and backing up data locally is effectively the same as putting all of your eggs in one basket. Should something go wrong, there is no backup available at a remote location and no quick way to get the business back up to speed.

Conversely, with cloud computing it is much easier to recover quickly and protect mission-critical apps and data without facing significant upfront costs for hardware.

Some businesses are large enough to operate their own remote data centres, but for the majority of firms it will be easier to rent storage space and processing capacity from a third party cloud provider.
Whether your company is based in the Australian outback or the urban sprawl of London, it makes sense to consider cloud adoption when addressing the issue of business continuity and disaster recovery.

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