Cloud spending increases as more services are migrated

A report from Cowen & Company has found that even with the cloud market maturing over time, there are an ever increasing number of businesses which are keen to shift a greater portion of their IT services over to the cloud, according to Forbes.

Around half of the enterprises questioned in the survey said that they are intending to embrace IaaS (infrastructure as a service) in some form over the coming 12 months, while 77 per cent of respondents said that they are already using a significant number of cloud solutions at this point in time.

A similar proportion said that they are looking at ways to move crucial IT solutions to the cloud, so leading to an ongoing increase in investment and adoption, even compared with the results of the same study conducted in 2014.

Another thing analysts noted from the most recent survey is that there is growing trust in third party providers, meaning that businesses are more confident in allowing services to be hosted remotely, rather than insisting on managing mission-critical infrastructural elements in-house.

Forty per cent of those questioned said that they are looking to shift up to half of their entire IT workloads to public cloud platforms between now and 2020, with SaaS (software as a service) accounting for almost a third of all apps used.

Businesses are also keen to invest in the development of bespoke cloud apps that will help them take advantage of existing software ecosystems or harness industry-specific benefits, that are only available as a result of migration.

2015 has seen the cloud’s surge to eclipse other forms of IT continue, although it does seem that there will still be some solutions which businesses will prefer to host internally, for the foreseeable future.

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