Cloud bandwidth demands met through 100Gbps connectivity

The demand for bandwidth has steadily increased, thanks to the rise in the use of cloud computing services, although the UK is still quite a way down international league tables when it comes to average connection speeds.

The latest figures from Ofcom show that the typical broadband connection is now just over 11Mbps, but a new service being offered to cloud computing providers is going to be a little bit more generous with the bandwidth, according to

The 100Gbps (gigabits per second) solution being offered by Virgin Media Business (VMB), is rolling out to various data centres that provide cloud services.

With businesses becoming ravenous for data access, this type of digital pipeline will make it easier for cloud providers to actually live up to expectations and deal with ever-increasing demands.

This super fast connectivity will be able to link data centres to one another, so that the flow of information is not stifled and some potential customers for this type of solution are expecting to push speeds even further.

This is obviously a very specialised type of connectivity, designed to appeal to cloud firms that run their own data centres. However, it also indicates the direction which is being taken by the wider broadband market in the UK, as it adapts to a shape dictated by the cloud.

Businesses and domestic users are now used to being able to access remotely hosted information and software services whenever it is required. As data volumes increase along with the number of simultaneous users, there are concerns that the current infrastructure will not be comprehensive enough to keep up with demand.

Hopefully, the major investments being made in bringing fibre optic connectivity to most areas of the UK will help alleviate the pressure which is being put on bandwidth.

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