Manufacturing Industry Benefits from Cloud Revolution

Businesses operating within the manufacturing sector are increasingly turning to cloud computing in order to meet their burgeoning IT needs, according to a report from MintJurtas. It was revealed that 22% of software services used by manufacturing firms for production and distribution are currently based in the cloud, with analysts predicting that this will grow to 45% by the year 2023.

SaaS (software as a service) is particularly important for manufacturers because it allows them to adopt the latest solutions quickly and cheaply, as well as giving them the flexibility to upgrade to newer software packages as and when they are made available.

Respondents to the study also said that the cloud was a big help when it came to bringing consistency to international operations and allowing for collaboration between staff without the same issues of system fragmentation that were so prevalent in the past.

The cloud is helping manufacturers to reduce IT costs, which in turn gives them more money to play with and the opportunity to invest in the development of new products, leading to growth and prosperity.
The competitiveness of the manufacturing industry means that businesses need to be as well equipped as possible, which is precisely what cloud computing services like SaaS are intended to offer.

As well as being able to develop products at a faster pace, manufacturers can also use data centres to churn through information relating to marketing activities, giving them the tools they need to identify the successes and failures within a particular promotional campaign.

Manufacturers of all shapes and sizes have begun to benefit from the cloud, as noted in this study. The predictions relating to increased usage paint a rosy picture of a future in which the cloud is more closely integrated with manufacturing than it is today.

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