Gotcha: Milo Yiannopoulos/Kernel/Nutshell false story follow-up.

February 1st, 2013


All bloggers with comments please line up please.

Yesterday I ran this blog post about online bully-boy Milo Yiannopoulos, in which I outline how he falsified dates on some Twitter direct messages (falsified or misrepresented, you choose your words) in order to make it look like I was sending naughty messages to a woman while I was with Louise Mensch, former Tory MP.

In it, I post a screenshot of an email from Milo admitting that the DMs were indeed from 2011, not from 2012 as his original Kernel post suggested. 3,000 unique viewers read that post yesterday, finally bringing some light to Milo’s filthy journalistic tactics.

Today, Louise Mensch took to Twitter to confirm that neither was she having dinner with me in October 2011 (because we hadn’t even met yet) nor was she having dinner with me in October 2012. Milo was scrambling yesterday to suggest that Louise had ‘confirmed’ she was at dinner with me on October 24 2012, despite the fact that he admitted himself that the messages were from October 2011. Louise never did confirm, she merely assumed the messages were real and pointed out that they said ‘dinner’ not ‘business meeting’.


It is now clear and beyond any possible doubt that Milo misrepresented my DMs (my private communications with an adult woman) in order to sex up his story.

Again, and again, and again, Milo uses lies and bullying tactics to further his own profile. He hides behind a computer and posts whatever he wants. He has pissed off many people, and has trodden all over all sorts of innocent folks, airing their private lives in public for some sick pleasure. He is a very naughty boy.

I await his full apology and detraction of his original article.


Don’t believe what you read on The Kernel folks…

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