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Why I’m bottom-lining Twitter for a while

There’s a term in addiction treatment: bottom lines. You, the addict, must set (usually in accordance with a sponsor or professional therapist) your bottom/red lines, which define the behaviours you know are unhealthy/destructive and that you wish to knock on the head. The idea being that once you have a clear idea of the behaviours [...]

In a nutshell: Milo Yiannopoulos falsifies information to create sensationalist stories for his Kernel.

Just for a little background, I used to consider Milo Yiannopoulos – once-upon-a-time Telegraph technology reporter, and general gay-about-town – as a friend. I’ve known him for some time, and despite his recent turn into a bully and online thug, I once admired some of his traits. He is clever and enigmatic. Obviously, I don’t [...]

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